Case – Core Range


Our Torc Brewing case of mixed beers includes:


4 x bottles of Amber Ale – Caramel richness, low bitterness with a sweet malt and earthy hop aroma.
500ml  •  4.3% abv

4 x bottles of Irish Wheat – Brewed with Irish Wheat and Irish Barley and traditional German yeast. Crisp, refreshing with notes of clove, banana and citrus.
500ml  •  4.2% abv

4 x bottles of Kingdom IPA – Smooth and full bodied India Pale Ale. Irish malted barley balanced with European hops for a refreshing aroma.
500ml  •  5% abv

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Enjoy a case of 12 bottles, including our Amber Ale, Kingdom IPA and Irish Wheat beers.


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