Case – Torc Specials


Our Torc Brewing Specials includes:

x2 bottles of Kingdom IPA – smooth and full bodied India Pale Ale. Irish malted barley balanced with European hops for a refreshing aroma.
500ml • 5% abv

x2 bottles of Dark Ale – notes of stone fruits, rich malt and a full body.
500ml • 5% abv

x2 bottles of Irish Red Ale – a smooth biscuit base, complimented by a gentle hop character.
500ml • 4.5% abv

x2 bottles of Experimental Pale Ale – with extra strength, light and clean tasting, happy aroma.
500ml • 6% abv

X2 bottles of Torc Brewing Smoked German Ale beer – Brewed with a beech wood smoked malt creating a rich dark beer with  savory and smoked aromas.

500ml  •  6% abv

X2 bottles of Torc Brewing  Anything Gose beer – Kettle Soured Gose brewed with a sea salt and coriander seed, naturally cloudy.

500ml  • 4% abv


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Enjoy a case of 12 bottles, where 2 of the following beers are included – Kingdom IPA , Extra Pale Ale, Dark Ale, Red Ale, Smoked German Ale and Anything Gose.


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