TORC BREWING, Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland


Torc Brewing is a local brewing company, run by local brewers who love great beer. We believe our beer is from the most naturally beautiful place on earth, Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland.

Killarney’s unique history began with the last Ice Age when a single ice sheet covered the entire region. As it melted, it sculpted Killarney’s magnificent peaks including Torc Mountain, after which our beer is named.

At Torc Brewing we believe that local business is better business. You can make beer, or you can craft beer. You can drink global generic beers, or you can drink a locally crafted one.

At Torc Brewing, we take pride in the fact that we craft beer from the best ingredients available. And that we brew our beer in small batches with pure fresh Killarney water.



Wheat Beer

Our flagship Wheat Beer is brewed with care in the style of a Belgian Wit Beer. Along with its slightly cloudy gold finish, you will notice a refreshing orange and grapefruit aroma. What you’ll taste is a clean crisp wheat-based beer, fruity and fresh, citrus and sweet.

Amber Ale

The Torc Amber Ale is craft in a glass. The copper colour is a result of the carefully selected toasted malted barley. What you’ll taste is an earthy ale with rich caramel notes.